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Storyland's Caspian T- Sold to S&B Miniature Donkeys


Gender:  Jack
Birth Date:  8-12-18
Birth Height:  17.00"
Color:  Tri- Color Spot
Sire:  LN Tiazio 27.75:"
Dam:  Storyland's Shannel(Nellie) 27.5

Caspian is on his way to be a future micro Herd Sire. He will be small which, is to be expected with his parents being 27.5" and 27.75" and on track to be smaller then both his parents. He has micro genetics going back multiple generations on both Dam and Sire pedigrees, so he will produce small foals. He also has unique coloring, he is a tri-color spot with red/sandy brown and a dark brown patch on his rump. He has that adorable little head, good bite, and even though very young has good conformation.

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