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Storyland's Cassie Jean- Immature


Gender:  Jenny
Birth Date:  8-8-19
Birth Height:  17.00"
Color:  Red- wooly
Sire:  Storyland's Shur Shot Luc
Dam:  LN Purdie Calsette

Lets talk Micro-mini!!! This little jenny is 24.25" at 10 months. She is correct and proportional, nice straight back line, good legs, even bite and very friendly to boot. With both parents having red in their pedigree, her coloring wasn't a complete surprise, but was still fun to see the red wooly outcome of this breeding. Her cross is just a slightly darker red then her haircoat and her main is mostly cream colored. We are planning on retaining Cassie Jean and see how she matures. We have repeated this breeding and we are expecting a full sibling August 2020,

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