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Storyland's Cassie Jean- Immature


Gender:  Jenny
Birth Date:  8-8-19
Birth Height:  17.00"
Color:  Red- wooly
Sire:  Storyland's Shur Shot Luc
Dam:  LN Purdie Calsette

Lets talk Micro-mini!!! This little jenny is 24.25" at 1 year. She is correct and proportional, nice straight back line, good legs, even bite and very friendly to boot. With both parents having red in their pedigree, her coloring wasn't a complete surprise, but was still fun to see the deep red wooly outcome of this breeding. After shedding out her wooly coat, the true deep red color has been revealed- beautiful. We are keeping Cassie Jean as part of our Micro Mini breeding herd.

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